Our Remodeling Process

…Trying to plan a remodeling project can be a daunting task. Many clients find it difficult determining where to start, how to proceed and establishing budget. Many times projects proceed “on the fly” and the end result can be one of disappointment and compromise.

….Today some reputable design / build firms provide, hand drawn or simple CAD elevations for review when planning a remodeling project. These plans, although helpful, merely offer a glimpse of project highlights.

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At Kerzner Remodeling and Construction, we believe, planning is paramount! It’s often been said; “the devil’s in the details”. It is our firm belief, that industry complaints ranging from; “it’s not what I expected”, “ It took far longer than expected” to “we went way over budget” can be minimized through proper and thorough planning.

Because Kerzner Remodeling and Construction is a design / build firm solely engaged in the remodeling of residential and light commercial structures, we concentrate all our efforts on meeting our client’s expectations.

The Kerzner Process:

  • Design interview: at the design interview project purpose, client tastes and initial budget is established. Timeframes and project impact are discussed to determine realistic progression and scheduling expectations.
  • Initial design meeting: with the information gathered at the design interview, our design team creates the initial conceptual renderings using sophisticated design software, based on the interpretation of our client’s desired result and our own ideas relative to the project and proposed budget. These high resolution “conceptual renderings” offer near photograph quality pictures of the proposed, future project.
  • Subsequent design meetings: once initial concepts are reviewed and discussed project plans are revised, and revised again to meet client desires, material selections and budget. Alternative designs are typically offered for review to give a number of options.
  • Proposal: Once accepted, project design is translated into a general “scope of work, outlining the proposed budget range of the project based on all know issues and a general list of material selections.
  • Walk through: Upon acceptance of the proposal, a walk through with all trade partners, designer and production manager is scheduled to review the design and inspect the project with respect to the scope of work in the proposal.
  • Agreement: After the walk through, all information gathered is translated in to a very detailed scope of work. An agreement is drafted outlining all material selections, tasks and contingencies. Included are the actual price, starting and completion dates. Once in production, an on site, project manager is assigned to the job. Weekly meeting with our clients offer updates and quick resolution of and issues.

Typical design plan




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